‘Why so serious?’ Original artwork, Turpial


‘Why so serious?’ Original contemporary artwork, Turpial, Birds, Mixed Media Painting, Home and Office Décor, Size 20 x 20 inches


This beautiful and unique piece of art is a must-have for any collector or lover of contemporary art. The subject of the painting is a Turpial, which is perched on a branch of a tree. Depicted in a realistic and lifelike manner, both the bird and the branch were painted with great attention to detail. The background of the painting is a mix of abstract patterns and shapes, which add to the overall composition of the piece. This painting would make a great addition to any home or office decor and would be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

The bird, as such, and the branch where it is standing, were painted in acrylics and finished off with charcoal.

This is the Venezuelan Troupial; although it is not endemic to Puerto Rico, it can be seen a lot around the Island, especially in the southern area. It is one of the artist’s favorite birds because it carries her favorite color combination. She really enjoyed this painting because she was able to “play” with different materials to create it.

Characteristics of the Artwork:
  1. Mixed Media Composition:
    • The artwork is a captivating blend of mixed media, like cardstock, glue, and paint.
    • This combination of materials allows for a diverse and textured surface, providing a unique visual and tactile experience.
  2. Techniques for Depth and Texture:
    • The artist employs a variety of techniques to create depth and texture in the piece.
    • This multi-faceted approach adds layers to the artwork, making it visually rich and engaging.
  3. Modern Design:
    • Abstract art with a minimalist and modern touch, combines various painting techniques, such as paste and spray, to create a unique and attractive work of art.
  4. Abstract Background Patterns:
    • Contrasting with the realistic portrayal of the Turpial, the background features abstract patterns and shapes.
  5. High-quality materials:
    • The canvas is made of cotton with a soft and delicate texture, the paint used is high-quality, non-toxic, and the structure of the canvas is strong and will not easily wear out.
  6. Perfect Gift:
    • Art is a perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues, it can decorate your room, office, living room, etc., and will bring you elegance.
Uses of the Artwork:
  1. Collector’s Item:
    • This artwork is a must-have for collectors of contemporary art.
  2. Home and Office Decor:
    • With its vibrant colors, realistic depiction of the Turpial, and abstract background, the artwork serves as a striking addition to both home and office decor, adding an element of sophistication and intrigue.
  3. Conversation Starter:
    • Guests and visitors are likely to be intrigued by the Turpial’s portrayal and the artistic techniques used in its creation.
  4. Cultural Connection:
    • While the Venezuelan Troupial is not endemic to Puerto Rico, its presence in the southern areas of the island establishes a cultural connection.
    • The artist’s choice of a bird she personally connects with, along with her favorite color combination, adds a personal touch and cultural relevance to the artwork.
  5. Artistic Exploration:
    • As a piece where the artist experimented with different materials, the artwork serves as a testament to creative exploration.
  6. Appreciation for Nature:
    • Beyond its artistic qualities, the Turpial painting fosters an appreciation for nature. The realistic depiction of the bird on a branch encourages viewers to connect with the beauty of the natural world, even if the subject is not native to the region.
  • Size: 20 by 20 inches.

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