Symphony of Nature, Original Contemporary Art


Obra de arte en medios mixtos del San Pedrito de PR, verde brillante, rojo y blanco

Mixed media artwork of the Puerto Rican Tody, bright green, red and white


Captivating piece that served as a canvas for the artist’s exploration of innovative techniques.

  1. Use of stencils:
    • Placing the stencil in the wet applied paint to remove it with a microfiber cloth to reveal the layers beneath.
  2. Mixed Media:
    • Crayons dissolved and blended with matte medium to give texture to the branch, while soft pastel and charcoal add depth and dimension.
    • Acrylics were used for the bird.
  3. Collage:
    • To add intricate details.
  • Size: 16 x 20 inches
  1. Educational Spaces
  2. Nature and Conservation Centers:
    • Not only adds an artistic dimension to these environments but also serves as a symbol of Puerto Rico’s unique biodiversity.
  3. Art Collectors and Enthusiasts:
    • Further, its unique combination of materials, intricate details, and thematic focus on nature make it a valuable addition to private art collections.
  4. Gifts and Commemorative Pieces:
    • Offers a distintive and thoughtful crafted option for special occasions, whether for nature enthusiasts, bird lovers, or those with an affinity for contemporary art.
  5. Environmental Awareness Campaigns:
    • The San Pedrito, depicted in the artwork, can become a powerful symbol for environmental awareness campaigns.
    • Besides, its portrayal within the context of the artwork adds a visual dimension to messages about biodiversity, conservation, and the delicate balance between human activities and the natural world.

This versatile artwork, with its harmonious blend of media, is poised to enrich various environments and serve diverse purposes.

In conclusion, this captivating piece serves as a canvas for the artist’s exploration of innovative techniques and the vibrant beauty of the San Pedrito. Again, through the meticulous use of stencils and mixed media, the artwork attains depth and dimension. Its versatile nature extends its appeal to educational spaces, conservation centers, art collections, and environmental awareness campaigns. With its harmonious blend of media and thematic focus on nature, this piece stands as a symbol of Puerto Rico’s biodiversity and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the colorful world of avian wonders.

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