Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What type of material is used for the paintings?

Different materials are used to create the artworks. However, they are specified in the description of every piece.

2. What is the size of the painting?

You can find the measurements of each piece in its description.

3. Are the paintings framed?

Unless specified, the pieces are sent without the frame.

4. What kind of canvas is used?

Paintings are on a high quality, acid-free, stretched canvas.

5. What kind of paint is used?

Professional-grade acrylic paints are used.

6. Are the paintings sealed?

Yes, with a professional-grade, clear varnish to protect the color from fading.

7. Are the paintings ready to hang?

ArtWorks that exceed twenty (20) inches in length will be shipped rolled on their frame slats in a tubular box. Paintings less than twenty (20) inches in length will be shipped in regular boxes according to their size. (Refer to our shipping policy for more details.)

8. Where do you ship to?

For the time being, we’ll be shipping just to the United States and Puerto Rico. (Refer to our shipping policy for more details.)

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