Iridescence, 20 by 20 inches Original Art


Measuring 20 x 20 inches, this piece showcases the bird’s enchanting beauty through a harmonious blend of textured layers and vibrant colors.


A captivating mixed media masterpiece on canvas, meticulously crafted with layers of artistic elements. This unique artwork features the endemic Puerto Rican hummingbird, known as the picaflor, colibrí, or zumbador verde. Moreover, this piece showcases the bird’s enchanting beauty through a harmonious blend of textured layers and vibrant colors.

Key Features:
  • Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas (cardstock layers, gesso, tissue paper, Indian and acrylic inks, pencil, acrylic paints, charcoal)
  • Subject: Puerto Rican Hummingbird (Picaflor, Colibrí, Zumbador Verde)
  • Size:
    • 20 x 20 inches

The canvas comes alive with a fusion of textures and hues, as layers of cardstock, gesso, tissue paper, inks, and paints interplay to create a textured and visually stunning representation of the Puerto Rican hummingbird. For instance, the iridescence of the bird’s entirely green plumage is carefully captured through the artist’s use of various mediums.

Again, this artwork pays homage to the endemic beauty of the Puerto Rican hummingbird, thus showcasing its long-curved beak, and iridescent green feathers. Certainly, the artist’s attention to detail brings out the bird’s distinctive features, making it a celebration of Puerto Rico’s rich avian diversity.

  1. Nature-Inspired Decor:
    • Add a touch of Puerto Rican elegance to your home by incorporating this piece into your nature-inspired decor.
    • The vibrant portrayal of the hummingbird is a stunning homage to the island’s unique fauna.
  2. Art Collector’s Gem:
    • For art enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind piece.
    • Also, its mixed media composition and thematic significance make it a valuable addition to any art collection.
  3. Puerto Rican Pride:
    • Display this artwork as a symbol of Puerto Rican pride.
    • Showcase the island’s endemic beauty.
    • Contribute to a sense of cultural identity and appreciation for local fauna.

In summary, the artwork is a sensory experience that invites viewers to explore the textures, colors, and unique features of the Puerto Rican hummingbird. With its sizeable dimensions and thematic significance, this mixed media masterpiece is definitily a testament to the artist’s skill and a celebration of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1.5 in
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