Rincón’s Resilience, Punta Higüeras Lighthouse


Embark on a journey through Rincón’s history and sunsets with this captivating 13-inch round canvas, capturing the beauty of this coastal community.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant history and breathtaking sunsets of Rincón, Puerto Rico, with this round mixed media masterpiece on canvas. Crafted with a rich combination of paper, heavy gesso for intricate textures, crayons, matte medium to dissolve the crayons, and acrylic paints, this artwork pays homage to a resilient landmark.

Mediums and Techniques:
  1. Paper and Heavy Gesso:
    • Adds intricate textures.
    • Also, allows the viewer to feel the resilience captured in the artwork.
  2. Crayons and Matte Medium:
    • This fusion creates a harmonious blend of colors.
    • Thus, captures the essence of Rincón’s vibrant sunsets.
  3. Acrylic Paints:
    • Bring depth and definition.
    • Further, the acrylic paints enhance the visual narrative of the piece.
Historical Journey:
  1. Built in 1892:
    • The original structure, erected in the town of Rincón, dates back to 1892, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the community.
  2. Restoration in 1993:
    • Following the seismic events of 1918 and a fire in 1931, the landmark was meticulously restored in 1993.
    • However, it now stands as a passive park featuring a maritime museum, a café, traditional bohíos, and an observation point for whale watching from November to March or reveling in a spectacular sunset.
Artistic Vision:
  1. Highlighting Sunsets:
    • Accentuates the breathtaking sunsets that grace this part of the island.
    • Moreover, invites viewers to share in the beauty of Rincón’s coastal evenings.
  2. Round Canvas:
    • Dimensions:
      • Size:
      • 13 inches in diameter with white edges
      • Adds a unique aesthetic.
      • Also, emphasizes the timeless and cyclical nature of the landmark’s history.
Versatility and Display:
  1. Ideal for Small Spaces:
    • Is perfect for smaller spaces, thus making it a versatile addition to any room or art collection.
Collector’s Piece:
  1. Limited Edition:
    • Each piece is a distinctive creation, making it a valuable addition to art collections seeking uniqueness and cultural resonance.
  2. Accompanied by Certificate:
    • Comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its genuine origin and value as a collector’s item.

Finally, embark on a visual and tactile journey through Rincón’s history and sunsets with this captivating 13-inch round canvas, capturing the spirit and beauty of this coastal community.

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