Oval Harmony of Poppies, Original Artwork


A 12 by 16 inches oval canvas that would make for a thoughtful gift, as it captures the timeless allure of poppies in a unique and expressive manner.


A captivating mixed-media artwork on an oval canvas, featuring three vibrant poppies set against a backdrop of soothing blue and lavender hues. The flowers are rendered in shades of red, pink, and violet, adorned with delicate splatters of white ink. This intricately crafted piece incorporates layers of paper, gesso, inks, acrylic paints, and charcoal pencils to create a textured and visually dynamic composition.

  1. Oval Canvas Design:
    • Adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the overall presentation, thus enhancing the visual impact of the piece.
  2. Vibrant Poppy Trio:
    • The use of vibrant colors creates a harmonious and visually striking display that evokes the beauty of these iconic flowers.
  3. Backdrop of Blue and Lavender:
    • Provides a serene setting that complements the lively hues of the poppies.
    • Besides, contributes to a sense of balance and tranquility.
  4. White Ink Splatters:
    • Add a dynamic and expressive element to the artwork.
    • Also, suggest movement and energy within the floral arrangement.
    • Create a sense of artistic spontaneity.
  5. Textured Mixed Media:
    • Adds depth and tactile richness to the piece.
  1. Size:
    • 12 x 16 inches
Potential Uses:
  1. Nature-Inspired Decor:
    • Is perfect for nature-inspired decor.
    • Infuses spaces with the vibrant beauty of poppies.
    • Also, it creates a connection to the outdoors.
  2. Artistic Focal Point:
    • Serves as an engaging focal point, thus drawing attention with its vibrant colors and intricate floral arrangement.
  3. Gallery Exhibitions on Mixed Media:
    • Galleries focusing on mixed-media art can showcase this piece to highlight the artist’s skillful integration of diverse materials and techniques.
  4. Gift for Flower Enthusiasts:
    • Makes for a thoughtful gift for flower enthusiasts, as it captures the timeless allure of poppies in a unique and expressive manner.
  5. Enhancing Tranquil Spaces:
    • Ideal for spaces designed for relaxation and tranquility.
    • For it adds a touch of natural beauty and serenity to any room.

In summary, this captivating mixed-media artwork on an oval canvas adds elegance and uniqueness, enhancing its visual impact. With its vibrant poppy trio, serene backdrop, expressive white ink splatters, and textured mixed media, this artwork serves as both a striking focal point and a source of tranquility in any space. Whether adorning nature-inspired decor, captivating gallery exhibitions, or serving as a thoughtful gift for flower enthusiasts, this piece resonates with timeless allure and artistic mastery.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 1.5 in

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