Lighthouse Whispers, Rincón’s Lighthouse, Original Art


This artwork is ideal for display in diverse settings, from home interiors to cultural spaces, a testament to the enduring beauty of PR’s coastal heritage.


Created with an eclectic array of materials, including cardstock, heavy gesso, inks, acrylic paints, pencils, soft pastels, and charcoal, this piece weaves a rich narrative around the historic lighthouse built by the Spanish government in Puerto Rico in 1892.

Mediums and Techniques:
  1. Cardstock and Heavy Gesso:
    • Adds depth and texture to the artwork.
  2. Inks and Acrylic Paints:
    • Dynamic and vivid.
    • In addition, bring life to the canvas.
    • Also, captures the essence of the lighthouse’s storied history.
  3. Pencils, Soft Pastels, and Charcoal:
    • The combination adds intricate detailing, thus creating a nuanced and layered visual experience.
Historical Legacy:
  1. Built in 1892:
    • Stands as a testament to Puerto Rico’s historical tapestry, witnessing the passage of time.
  2. Restored in 1993:
    • Endured the ravages of time and nature.
    • Restored in 1993.
    • Further, now serves as a passive park, offering a maritime museum, café, traditional bohíos, and a scenic overlook for whale watching in spring or savoring a picturesque sunset.
Artistic Expression:
  1. Dimensions:
    • Size:
      • 16 x 20 inches.
      • Provides a substantial canvas for the artist’s expression.
      • Captures the grandeur and significance of the lighthouse’s transformation.
  2. Layered Composition:
    • Invites viewers to explore the details and emotions embedded in the piece.
Versatility and Atmosphere:
  1. Ideal for Display:
    • Sized for prominence.
    • Is ideal for display in diverse settings, from home interiors to cultural spaces.
  2. Whale Watching and Sunsets:
    • Moreover, celebrate not only the lighthouse’s historical legacy but also the seasonal charm of whale watching and the captivating sunsets of the locale.
Collector’s Treasure:
  1. Limited Edition:
    • Each piece is a unique creation.
    • Thus, makes it a coveted addition to art collections seeking originality and cultural resonance.
  2. Accompanied by Certificate:
    • Moreover, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, attesting to its genuine origin and collector’s value.

In brief, experience the visual symphony of history and nature with “Lighthouse Whispers,” a 16 x 20-inch testament to the enduring beauty of Puerto Rico’s coastal heritage.

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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 1.5 in
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