Interconnected Horizons, Original Abstract Art


Meticulously crafted abstract using a diverse range of mixed media; perfect for modern living spaces and office environments; Size 18 by 24 inches.


Meticulously crafted on canvas using a diverse range of mixed media. Composed of interconnected triangles against a background of soothing green and blue hues. Is further enriched with vibrant splashes of acrylic paint. The deliberate use of white borders enhances the visual impact, providing a clean and contemporary frame to the dynamic interplay of forms and colors.

Inspired by the concept of our connection to the world around us, the artwork seeks to evoke the imagery of interwoven relationships and the intricate bonds that bind us to our surroundings.

  1. Size:
    • 18 x 24 inches
Perfect For:
  1. Modern Living Spaces:
    • The geometric and contemporary design makes it an ideal addition to modern living rooms, where it can serve as a bold and dynamic focal point.
    • Adds vibrancy to the decor.
  2. Office Environments:
    • Enhance the atmosphere of professional spaces by incorporating this artwork in offices or workspaces.
    • The interconnected triangles symbolize collaboration and the interdependence of individuals working towards common goals.
  3. Reflective Corners:
    • Creates a visually stimulating environment for contemplation.
    • Besides, it invites viewers to ponder the complexities of human connections and relationships.
  4. Gallery Exhibitions:
    • Its visually striking design and thematic depth make it a compelling piece for art enthusiasts and collectors.
  5. Gift for Shared Journeys:
    • In addition, it serves as a meaningful gift for occasions that celebrate shared journeys, friendships, or partnerships.

This is, definitely, a masterpiece that visually articulates the intricate connections between individuals and their environment. Whether enhancing modern living spaces, or inspiring contemplation in reflective corners, it offers a visually engaging and conceptually rich experience.

Besides, its thematic depth and striking design make it a compelling addition to gallery exhibitions and a meaningful gift for occasions celebrating shared journeys and partnerships.

In sum, this artwork transcends mere decoration, offering a visually engaging and conceptually rich experience that resonates with viewers on both aesthetic and philosophical levels.

Important Note:

The frame is for aesthetic purposes only; shipped WITHOUT the frame.

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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 1.5 in
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