Harmony in Blue and Copper, Original Abstract


A captivating abstract artwork created using mixed media on canvas, Size 24 x 36 inches, ideal for Home and Office Décor.


Created using mixed media on canvas. The artist employed a variety of materials, including gesso, texture paste, and acrylic paints in shades of blue, white, and copper (metallic paint). The composition is enriched with the inclusion of delicate pink-gold imitation flakes, adding a touch of opulence and visual interest to the overall piece. 

  1. Gesso and Paste:
    • Introduce a tactile dimension to the artwork.
    • Also, creates a sense of depth and texture on the canvas.
  2. Palette:
    • Evokes a harmonious balance, with the metallic copper elements catching and reflecting light, thus enhancing the overall visual impact.
  1. Size:
    • 24 x 36 inches.
    • Allows for an immersive exploration of its intricate details.
Potential Uses:
  1. Statement Wall Art:
    • Serves as a stunning focal point for any interior space.
    • Its bold colors and textured elements make it an ideal candidate for a statement piece on a feature wall in a living room, bedroom, or office.
  2. Contemplative Reflection:
    • Invites viewers to engage in contemplative reflection.
    • Further, it encourages individuals to explore their own interpretations and emotions evoked by the piece.
  3. Modern Decor:
    • The use of metallic copper and gold flakes lends a contemporary and luxurious feel to the artwork.
    • Besides, it complements modern interior design styles, adding sophistication to spaces with minimalist or eclectic decor.
  4. Gift of Elegance:
    • Can be a thoughtful and elegant gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or milestone celebrations.
    • Its unique combination of materials and colors makes it a memorable and personalized present.
  5. Gallery Display:
    • Art enthusiasts and collectors may find it to be a valuable addition to their collections.
    • Its use of mixed media and the artist’s skillful blending of materials make it a noteworthy piece for exhibition in galleries or private art collections.

In summary, this piece is a visually striking abstract artwork that engages the senses through its textured elements and harmonious color palette.

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Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1.5 in
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