Ethereal Bloom: Orange Tulip, Original Art


A visually enchanting mixed-media artwork that celebrates the beauty of an orange tulip against a dreamlike backdrop; 11 by 14 inches canvas board.


A visually enchanting mixed-media artwork on canvas board that celebrates the beauty of an orange tulip against a dreamlike backdrop. It showcases the graceful form of an orange tulip set against a mesmerizing backdrop of blue and violet hues. This piece is crafted with a blend of tissue paper, gesso, colored powders, and acrylic paints. Also, the artwork incorporates visual patterns created using stencils, adding an extra layer of complexity to the composition.

  1. Orange Tulip Focal Point:
    • Delicately rendered to capture the elegance and vibrancy, hence drawing the viewer into its ethereal beauty.
  2. Harmonious Blue and Violet Background:
    • Creates a dreamlike and atmospheric setting.
    • Enhances the overall visual impact of the composition, thus adding a sense of tranquility.
  3. Mixed Media Composition:
    • Contributes to the rich and textured surface of the canvas board.
    • Besides, the layered application of these elements creates depth and visual interest.
  4. Visual Patterns with Stencils:
    • Offers a symphony of shapes and designs that complement the organic beauty of the tulip.
    • It, also, adds a layer of intricacy and visual appeal to the overall composition.
  1. Size:
    • 11 by 14 inches canvas board
    • In fact, its charming size is perfect for intimate spaces.
Versatile Uses:
  1. Nature-Inspired Interiors:
    • Ideal for nature-inspired interiors.
    • Furthermore, it brings the allure of an orange tulip and the calming ambiance of blue and violet tones into living spaces.
  2. Artistic Focal Point:
    • The vibrant orange tulip and the visually engaging background make this artwork an excellent choice as an artistic focal point in various settings.
  3. Gallery Exhibitions on Mixed Media:
    • Can showcase this piece to highlight the artist’s skillful integration of diverse materials and techniques.
  4. Gift for Flower Enthusiasts:
    • Makes for a thoughtful and visually appealing gift for flower enthusiasts.
  5. Enhancing Tranquil Spaces:
    • Install it in spaces dedicated to relaxation and contemplation, thus allowing its serene beauty to contribute to a tranquil atmosphere.

The frame is for photography purposes only. The painting is sent without the frame; this is a canvas panel.

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Dimensions 14 × 11 × 1.5 in
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