Eternal Tides, Mixed Media Artwork, Original Wall Art


Embark on an emotional trip with this masterpiece that captures the beauty of Punta Guaniquilla and the emotions of bidding farewell to a loved one

Dive into the profound emotions of loss and love with this mixed media masterpiece on canvas. Crafted with textured layers of gesso and paper, enriched by acrylic paints and charcoal, this artwork is a poignant tribute inspired by the day the artist and her family bid farewell to her grandmother, casting her ashes into the sea near Punta Guaniquilla in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Artistic Technique and Texture:
  1. Layered Texture:
    • Symbolizes the complex layers of emotions that emerged during the creation of this artwork.
  2. Mixed Media Mastery:
    • The fusion of acrylics and charcoal adds depth and nuance.
    • Captures the intricate dance of light and shadow within the composition.
Inspirational Narrative:
  1. Punta Guaniquilla Heritage:
    • Draws inspiration from the deep-rooted connection the artist’s grandmother had with Punta Guaniquilla in Cabo Rojo, a place that defined her childhood in the 1930s and 1940s, long before boundaries and fences restricted entry.
  2. Final Farewell:
    • Furthermore, the creation of this piece was driven by the emotional journey of bidding farewell to the artist’s grandmother, a woman who not only held the title of grandmother but also shared the bond of friendship.
Symbolic Elements:
  1. Casting Ashes to the Sea:
    • Requested by the grandmother.
    • Becomes a powerful symbol of finality and transition, a serene yet profound farewell to a life well-lived.
  2. Sea and Emotions:
    • In addition, the incorporation of sea imagery mirrors the ebb and flow of emotions; sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous.
    • In fact, evokes the vastness of memories and experiences.
Personal Connection:
  1. Emotional Complexity:
    • Is evident in the layers and strokes of the artwork.
    • Reflects the intricacies of bidding farewell to someone who held a special place not just as a family member but as a dear friend.
Collector’s Piece:
  1. Dimensions:
    • Size: 20 x 30 inches.
    • Definitely, ensures that this artwork becomes a focal point, inviting viewers to engage with its emotional resonance.
  2. Intimate Narrative:
    • Is a testament to a personal journey, making it a collector’s item with a narrative that resonates universally.
Memorializing a Life:
  1. Grandmother’s Legacy:
    • Serves as a beautiful and enduring tribute to the life, memories, and lasting impact of the artist’s grandmother.
    • Thus, capturing the essence of her connection to Punta Guaniquilla and the sea.

In summary, embark on this emotional odyssey, with a piece that not only captures the visual beauty of Punta Guaniquilla but also encapsulates the profound emotions associated with bidding farewell to a cherished loved one.

Important note:

The frame is for aesthetic and photography purposes only; the artwork is shipped WITHOUT the frame.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 1.5 in

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