A Love-Infused Horizon, Domes Beach, Original Art


The substantial dimensions make this artwork a captivating centerpiece suitable for various display settings, from homes to galleries.

Celebrate the beauty and significance of Domes Beach in Rincón, Puerto Rico, with this acrylic masterpiece on canvas. The artwork is a symphony of colors and textures that beautifully encapsulates the iconic shoreline.

Artistic Features:
  1. Acrylic on Canvas:
    • Created using acrylics on canvas.
    • Captures the vibrant hues and textures of Domes Beach, translating the essence of this beloved location onto the canvas.
    • Allows for a rich interplay of colors, thus capturing the essence of the vibrant Puerto Rican coastal landscape.
  2. Beige Borders:
    • Serve not only as an aesthetic frame but also as a subtle homage to the sandy shores of Domes Beach, unifying the composition with a touch of coastal elegance.
Geographical Significance:
  1. Domes Beach, Rincón:
    • Situated adjacent to the decommissioned BONUS Reactor Facility and the Punta Higüeras Lighthouse, Domes Beach is renowned for its powerful waves and has hosted international surfing competitions.
Personal Connection:
  1. Proposal Site:
    • Holds a special place in the hearts of the artist and her spouse, as it is the very location where they became engaged to one another on a significant July 17th.
    • Further, adding a layer of personal sentiment, infusing the artwork with profound emotional resonance.
Collector’s Item:
  1. Dimensions:
    • Substantial Size: 24 x 30 inches
    • Ensures that the artwork commands attention.
    • Makes it an impactful centerpiece for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.
  2. Personalized Sentiment:
    • Carries a deeply personal narrative, making it a cherished collector’s item that resonates with shared memories and emotions.
  3. Versatile Display:
    • Whether adorning the walls of a home, office, or gallery, the piece’s visual richness and emotional depth make it suitable for various display settings.

As shown, take yourself on a visual journey to Domes Beach with this piece that not, only captures the picturesque coastline but also immortalizes the cherished memories of love and commitment shared on its sandy shores.

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Dimensions 30 × 24 × 1.5 in

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