Through the Veil, Original Artwork, Abstract Wall Art


Is a captivating abstract acrylic artwork on canvas, thoughtfully titled to encapsulate its essence, perfect for Home Offices or Studios.


A captivating abstract acrylic artwork on canvas, thoughtfully titled to encapsulate its essence. The artist skillfully utilized various shades of green and blue, employing a singular paint medium to create diverse textures and forms across the composition. Also, the double borders, in both white and black, frame the artwork with a sense of balance and contrast.

The purpose behind this composition was to evoke the illusion of peering through the veil into the world of memories. Furthermore, the deliberate use of color, texture, and form intertwines to create a visual narrative that invites viewers to explore the depths of their own recollections.

  1. Skillful Use of Green and Blue Shades:
    • Creates a visually striking contrast and depth within the composition.
  2. Double Borders for Balance and Contrast:
    • Provides a sense of balance and contrast that enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.
  1. Size:
    • 24 x 18 inches.
  1. Reflective Spaces:
    • Serves as an ideal addition to spaces designed for reflection and contemplation.
    • Provides a visually stimulating backdrop for introspection.
  2. Home Offices or Studios:
    • Suitable for home offices or creative studios.
    • Moreover, it can inspire a sense of depth and imagination, hence fostering a conducive environment for work or artistic endeavors.
  3. Gallery Focal Point:
    • Its thematic richness and artistic complexity make it an engaging piece for art enthusiasts and those appreciative of conceptual depth.
  4. Statement Piece in Bedrooms:
    • Enhances the ambiance of bedrooms.
    • The calming tones and intriguing visual narrative contribute to a serene and visually appealing atmosphere.
  5. Gift for Meaningful Occasions:
    • Given its thematic resonance and aesthetic allure, this artwork makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or as a gesture of remembrance.

In summary, this is an abstract masterpiece that transcends visual aesthetics to convey a narrative of introspection and reminiscence. Whether gracing reflective spaces, inspiring creativity in studios, serving as a gallery focal point, being a statement piece in bedrooms, or given as a heartfelt gift, this artwork offers a multi-dimensional and evocative artistic experience.

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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 1.5 in
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