From within, Original Abstract Mixed Media Art


This abstract masterpiece encapsulates the ever-shifting nature of creativity, reminding viewers of the transient beauty found in resilience.


Abstract mixed media artwork on canvas.  A visual journey that captures the fluidity of ideas, energy, and the fleeting nature of creativity. The artist starts with cardstock and gesso, creating a dynamic interplay of colors, textures, and concealed patterns reflecting transient thoughts and inspiration.

  1. Textural Prelude:
    • Cardstock and gesso layers breathe life into the canvas, hinting at forthcoming depth and complexity.
  2. Chromatic Unveiling:
    • A transparent layer of yellow and sienna acrylic inks serves as a metaphorical reservoir, unleashing the pent-up energy within.
    • As these hues intermingle, bursts of blue, violet, black, and white emerge, thus representing the liberated creative forces no longer confined.
  3. Alchemical Fusion:
    • The final touch involves the application of lemon yellow and orange alcohol inks, adding an alchemical touch to the composition.
    • Accentuates the dynamic interplay of colors, therefore creating a sense of movement and vibrancy.
  4. Conceptual Layers:
    • Intertwined within the layers are cutouts of patterned cardstock, symbolizing the multitude of ideas that flood the artist’s mind.
    • The ethereal cutouts visible through layers reflect the challenge of manifesting ideas amid multiple sclerosis-induced cognitive fog.
  • Size:
    • 18 x 24 inches.
    • Commands attention; however, it also provides a substantial canvas for contemplation and appreciation.
  1. Expressive Décor:
    • Serves as a captivating addition to any space, since it offers a visual feast of colors and textures that evoke introspection and contemplation.
  2. Symbol of Resilience:
    • Absolutely ideal for environments dedicated to resilience and overcoming challenges.
    • For it stands as a symbol of the artist’s creative triumph over cognitive obstacles.
  3. Artistic Conversation Starter

In conclusion, this abstract mixed media artwork encapsulates a profound visual journey, capturing the transient nature of creativity. From its textural prelude layers to its chromatic unveiling through acrylic inks and alchemical fusion with alcohol inks, each phase symbolizes the artist’s creative process and triumph over cognitive challenges. Not only serves as expressive decor, but also as a symbol of resilience.

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